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morning in a few hours san jose police will hold a news conference on a frightening weekend crime spree. one police officer was wounded during the violence. alex savidge tells us one suspect is still on the loose. good morning, alex. >> san jose police need the public's help this morning to identify and capture that second man involved in this violent string of crimes. police say this pair of criminals shot and killed a driver. they were trying to carjack and you can take a look here and see a memorial is set up this morning with flowers and cards for the victim. identified as rory pediford. one arrest has been made. police believe he and accomplice committed four separate armories and opened fire on officers as they pursued. police have eventually returned
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fire wounding willbanks and in the end he was taken into custody. but police say willbank's accomplice got away during that shootout and a man hunt is on the way to find him. he is considered a serious threat to the public. san jose police offering a $10,000 reward for any information in this case. later on police will be holding a news conference to update the search in this investigation as they try to find again a second man involved in a violent string of crimes. live this morning in san jose alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. menlo park police are increasing their patrols in the belle haven area after a man was shot to death while walking to his car. a candle marks the spot where he died saturday night. he was visiting a friend when he was attacked. police are not sure if the attack was a random robbery or if he was targeted. it's in the same neighborhood where police say there were two other shootings this month.
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>> honestly, all these shootings it's heartbreaking. it's too much. >> cudlip is menlo park's second homicide of the year. psychiatrists are expect to update the judge of a a men competency in a man in a shooting. and ordered psychiatric evaluations after koa's lawyer questioned his competency to stand trial. prosecutors say he may have been targeting an administrator who was not on campus that day. happening right now president obama is in cambodia. part of his three-day tour of asia. he arrived with secretary of clinton just two hours ago. he's there to attend a summit
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of the east asian nations before arriving in president obama he became the first sitting u.s. president to visit myanmar. also known as beer ma. >> i can tell you we always remain hopeful about the people of this country. about you. you gave us hope and we bore witness to your courage. >> while in myanmar he also met withon song seiche. she spent years under house arrest. he s she is now a member of parliament. 4:33. the cross border attacks continue between israel and gaza despite international peace efforts. at least 84 palestinians have been killed by israeli air strikes over the last few days. and hamas militants continue to
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fire rockets into israel. most of which are intercepted by the iron dome defense system. >> when are the israelis going to understand the only way out of this conflict is to resolve it through political means once and all by ending their occupation and allowing the palestinian people to be independent and free. >> total equation here is relatively simple if if israel will be -- if israel will have peace and quiet and then in gaza it will also be quiet. >> israel has 75,000 troops on stand by ready to launch a ground invasion into gaza. u.n. secretary general is expected to arrive in egypt for peace talks today. a meeting is scheduled in san francisco today on pollution control. environmental justice group claims that cancer causing dust from the august fire at the refinery is lingering around homes and gardens. global community monitor says
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five of eight dust samples contained high levels of potent carcinogens. chevron has questioned whether the tests were scientifically valid. the local union says its members has gone 16 months without a contract. the union says the port is demanding pay cuts despite having a surplus and that it's lying about port finances to the workers and public. workers will begin their strike at 9:00 tonight at the oakland airport. strike action at the port begins tomorrow morning. right now it's just about 4:35. there is a rally planned at uc davis today to mark the anniversary of the pepper spraying of occupy protestors. it was one year ago yesterday that campus police sprayed protestors during a sit in. video of the incident went viral on youtube. the university eventually agreed to a $1 million settlement with 21 injured students. a critical review of the police chief also led to her retirement earlier this year.
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a subcommittee of the san francisco board of supervisors will hold a hearing today to look at muni's performance and reliability. they hope to address several issues including hewn nigh's on time performance rate. they will also look into whether muni should continues to fund a program providing free service to about 45,000 low income children. strolling san francisco streets in the nude may soon be illegal. city supervisors are set top vote tomorrow on -- set to vote tomorrow on whether to ban public nudity. said there is too many complaints specifically in the castro district. there would still be exceptions that permitted street fairs and parades. some people are getting a head start on the holiday shopping season. bay area stores were crowded over the weekend. some shoppers already lining up for black friday. coming up in eight minutes the local store that has several
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tents outside. this morning. 4:36 is the time. santa came for a little visit at our local mall. it's exciting. >> oh really? yeah. did they ask for a lot of stuff? >> they didn't ask for anything yet. they just wanted to say hi. >> good morning, everybody. where did the time go? it's almost the end of 2012. the traffic on 80 westbound as you head out to the mccarthur maze no major problems as you drive out to the mccarthur maze bay bridge toll plaza is light. if you're trying to get into san francisco and you are getting up early right now is a good time to do that. no problems getting into the city. and also if you are driving in san jose that is off to a very nice start. northbound 280 and northbound 101 traffic is looking good. 4:37 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. good morning, everyone. well, well not too shabby of a system friday night. that one really delivered. the one that came in early sunday late saturday intense for awhile and that was it.
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the pattern stays to the north. we'll get a lot of clouds today. rain will be up north of mendocino county. so it's not going to be that cold. to some people it's chilly this time of year. mostly cloudy i think farther south better opportunity. better opportunity for a cloudy day. there is a lot up here. it will drag across lifting a little bit. it will sweep in here late tuesday and wednesday. and then thursday looks good. so clouds and sun today. mostly cloudy to the north. rain in santa rosa and napa. but more likely tuesday rain will pick up late tuesday and early wednesday. clouds and sun very mild. temperatures today on the mild side in the mid 60s. really not this time of year the days are so short. with that cloud cover it's hard pressed. mostly cloudy tuesday. rain comes in late. we'll take that into early wednesday and clear it out.
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thursday looks good. is thursday important pam? >> yes, it is. >> okay it will be good. then we'll have that night and morning fog. a little bit warmer day-time temps. >> all right we need to take a walk between thanksgiving dinner and pie. 4:38 is the time. remembering a danville marine killed in afghanistan. how his family says the community has helped him heal one year later. plus extra san francisco police officers will be on certain city streets tonight. the area they are focusing on and who they are after. good morning, on highway 4 westbound looks like the traffic is off to a good start. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. @รบ
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good morning. everything is it will up. holidays are here. today won't be bad. partly cloudy and mostly cloudy to the north. here is pam. thank you, steve. time now is 4:42.
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emotional memorial in danville. the community paused to remember the life of joshua who was killed in afghanistan one year ago. several hundred people gathered outside veterans memorial building to pay attribute to josh. the 19-year-old was killed by a roadside bomb last november just 73 days after his deployment. his parents say the community has played a big role in helping them heal. >> what touches me the most is when people come to us and they tell us how his life has effected them in a positive way. and how they have dedicated themselves in whatever that may be to do it better. >> ? june a ceremony was held to unvail a memorial statue in joshua's honor. the fallen marine's legacy also lives on with the creation of
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the receiver iffy foundation. investigators in oakland are looking into two suspicious fires over the weekend. early saturday morning a fire started in a carport at an apartment complex. two cars were destroyed. early yesterday morning another fire in another carport at 41st and market. two cars and a motorcycle were destroyed and a storage unit containing a babies clothing and toys. right now they do not think the fires are connected. that fire started at about 2:00 yesterday afternoon at a home on 47th avenue between greer reand anza. one person was inside the house but able to get out safely. time now 4:44. many holiday travelers are already on their way to their destinations for thanksgiving. aaa says nearly 5.5 million californians will go somewhere for the holiday. the day before thanksgiving is traditionally one of the busy
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estral days of the year. several people we spoke with at the oakland airport said they wanted to beat the rush and taking a week long vacation. >> i'm amazed i flew out for christmas a couple years ago it was such a nightmare. this is easy. i can't believe it. >> people who are driving this year say they have something to be thankful for already the price of gas has dropped an average of $0.65 a gallon in the past month. the start of the holiday shopping season started on saturday. they found black friday prices available already. others say they missed finding the great deals a day of thanksgiving. retailers are expecting a 4% increase in sales this year compared to the holidays last year. some shoppers who want to wait until black friday have been lined up outside stores for several days already. here's a live picture outside of pinole you can see a few people waiting outside the best
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buy there. that is on fitzgearld road. got their tents out. little camping tables. lorraine blanco will have a live report on the early lines coming up in 15 minutes. all right 4:45 is the time. traffic probably could be pretty light then with so many people already heading to the airport over the weekend. >> this week will be a little different. we're hoping it will be a little light. i just found out when i did a story last week about it that people used to wait until wednesday to leave. now they leave on friday last friday a lot of us do. we hope to have a nice week. let's take a look at the east shore freeway. now just because that happens doesn't mean we still won't won't have a crowd. westbound 80 the traffic moves pretty well heading out to the bay bridge toll plaza. usually on weeks like this what happens we get a backup. they don't last as long. by 8:30 or so it's gone. we'll see what happens this year. northbound 17, northbound 85
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and northbound 87 are all looking good trying to get into san jose. 4:46 let's go to steve. sal, is there anything going on tonight about 5:30? >> yes my book club you want to come? >> absolutely. thank you. okay. it looks okay. mostly cloudy. partly cloudy tonight. i think the rain will hold off. good thing it's not being played tuesday night i would say rain. but not tonight. storm tracks move to the north. it's kind of interesting. i run into people all the time who watch this. what is the outlook for the next seven or ten days maybe a little pattern change. we could be going into a colder pattern toward the end of the month. we have one more system before that develops. 50s on the temps. i don't think these will change too much. but we also have to start talking about maybe we clear out a little bit that valley fog is going to be thick, thick. today i think the cloud cover will prevent that. there will just be patchy fog. hold on a second. forget that right there.
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you can see a few right there. mendocino and lake county could get a few more showers. but today not the case. farther south mostly sunny. partly sunny farther north. mostly cloudy to cloudy. main could be to the north. it will be here late tuesday and wednesday and then out of here for thursday. clouds and sun on the mild side. cloudy to north more sun toward santa clara valley. highs today 50s and 60s. but a lot of 64-65, 66 in there. thursday looks good. everything looks fine expect maybe some of that fog and we'll take that into the weekend. pam. >> thank you, steve. san francisco police will have extra officers patrolling the candle stick corridor tonight following the 49er- chicago bears games. motorcycle officers and horse police officers will be watching for drunk drivers.
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tonight's game begins at 5:30. no official word yesterday but 49ers quarterback alex smith is expected to play after suffering a concussion during last sunday's game. the bears will be without their quarterback jay cutler who also suffered a concussion. instead jason campbell will start for chicago. raiders owner mark davis is apologizing to fans after their team's latest loss. oakland was beat by new orleans 38-17. mark davis says he is disappointed with the team's regression but trying to be patient. the raiders are 3-7. they play the bengals in cincinnati next sunday. hundreds of south bay families will receive thanksgiving meals this morning. i want to show you what it looks like inside sacred heart community service in san jose. this is a live picture. workers are there. they have been volunteering and getting ready. they have packed up the meals. they will hand out the holiday food box program today through
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wednesday. 4,000 families will receive a turkey and all the thanksgiving trimmings. if you want to help you can donate through just look for the web links under today's hot topics. in san francisco st. anthony's continues to welcome curb side donations in preparation for the thanksgiving holiday. the demolition of the original dining hall has not hindered collection efforts. people can drive right up there. st. anthony's temporary location is much smaller but organizers still hope to surpass last years collection of 1,000 turkeys. >> the hilton hotel has been very generous letting us use their freezers and refrigeration units. we get the food here and we take it over to the hilton. it's great. >> the temporary setup will be in operation for the next two years in 2014 st. anthony's new dining hall will be complete.
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4:50. vice president biden says he will make sure the jersey shore is restored. telling super sandy storm victims says he -- says they have a home boy theta gets it. >> we're not going anywhere. and you've got a home boy in the deal who gets it. >> the vice president grew up in the region and spent summers on the shore as a child. some insist he was calling president obama a home boy and that the term was a racial confrontation. people in the bay area took a moment to remember victims of america's worse mass suicide. a somber ceremony was held to mark the anniversary of the jonestown massacre. on november 18th, 1978 jim jones desserted his temple to bring his followers to diana and drink cyanide laced kool- aid. more than 900 people died
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including children. mourners covered up the part of the cemetery memorial that displays the name of jim jones. time now 4:51. it has been 24 years since the hayward girl vanished. the gathering being held to remember makayla garrett. oakland based program getting a prestigious white house award from a few hours from now.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. today marks 24 years since a nine-year-old girl from hayward disappeared. makayla garrett was last seen at the market. right now tests are being done at a bone fragment to see if it belongs to michaela. in washington, d.c. first lady michelle obama will present a prestigious award to an oakland based youth program. youth radio was chosen to receive the national arts and humanity award. the nonprofit teaches hundreds of students how to produce radio segments. the first lady will give the
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award to representatives at the white house in a few hours. 4:54 is the time. traffic should be light. let's check in with sal. >> we are hoping, pam. we hope it stays this way. you reminded me earlier this is a short week. we'll see what happens on monday. usually by wednesday we don't have people going anymore. but today i think they we will. let's take a look at northbound 101. that traffic moves well. you can always drop me a tweet if you use twitter or send me an e-mail if your school is out. because i can get some information and pass it on to the viewers about that. it will make it easier for us on the roads this might be a week that some people have off. this is a look at westbound bay bridge. the traffic is moving along pretty well. and if you're driving into south bay we have a pretty good looking commute. thattish clouds the peninsula. southbound 101 an 280 looking good. steve, you're on twitter too
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right. >> sp weather. you know i love it. absolutely. great information. if you have information that is the best way to get ahold of me by a mile. football forecast looks gad. partly cloudy. mostly cloudy. but nothing you can't handle. or nothing you have never seen before. tuesday night yes but not monday night. the track has lifted a little bit to the north. mostly cloudy today. temperatures already in the 50s. patchy fog. i think that will be a huge issue end of the week. there might be a little bit today. you need clear skies and we're not getting that. light rain up toward mendocino county or lake county as well. see a couple bans near ukiah. this is very weak. this is a system that is on its way. but not for another 36 hours. there is a lot of rain up to the north. we have to wait until tuesday night and wednesday. when this goes through and the pattern changes. so clouds and sun.
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mostly cloudy. could be very light rain to the north. but again this system rain picks up a little bit. but again it's not going to be -- we will fine tune this on tuesday night. there was really impressive totals. clouds, sun, mild. maybe mostly cloudy in the north. a little cooler up there. 60s on the temps. extended outlook has one more look. after that it's gone. thursday looks good. maybe a little bit of patchy fog. overall i think we have to wait until friday for that to kick in. it will be sunny and warm weather for some. >> looking for that turkey day forecast. thank you. today the san rafael city council will decide on a three year agreement with their baseball team. they made their debut this year playing 42 games. the team raised about $10,000 for the city. the new agreement addresses several issues that came up in comments. among them are noise levels and j-walking around anderson
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drive. coming up next it has shaken up a south bay church. how san jose's bishop is responding to the controversy involving a sex offender at a children's festival. also a san jose police officer is wounded in a violent crime spree. the man hunt that continues at this hour.
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